Sunday, October 9, 2005

Chicago Marathon Race Report

On this, my second Chicago Marathon I was only passably prepared, and my overall time reflected same. While not an absolutely horrible time it was a true learning experience! Being excessively optimistic as to my pace I had my eyes set on running a 3:30, so ran with the 3:30 pacing group approximately through the half-marathon mark. However, shortly after passing my family at mile 13.5 I suddenly began losing my leg strength, and had to slow-down. My slow-down continued until by mile 21 or so I was doing the run-walk shuffle! True learning experience.... Better know your potential pace (easily gauged via the famous "Yasso 800" methodology (see link)

Official Race Results: Time: 04:12:30; Age 45-49: 1071/2115; Male: 9515/18389; Overall: 13538/32706

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Austin Marathon Race Report

This was my first Austin Marathon, and I LOVED it!!! The first 16 miles were a beautiful FAST gentle downhill, and the final 9 miles had some ups and downs, but overall was quite acceptable. This marathon proved to be a significant P.R. for me (and would remain so for several years). Unfortunately, in the subsequent years Austin changed the course, and eliminated the net 500' downhill by starting and returning to the State Capitol. While the subsequent Austin course was doubtless much friendlier to the newbie marathoner than the one I'd run in 2005 it was no longer the same!

Official Race Results: Time: 03:47:49; Age 45-49: 85/352 ; Male: 835/2928 ; Overall: 1031/4906

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Houston Marathon - My Second

A disapointing marathon, as I failed to improve on the prior P.R. (set in Chicago in October). 

Age: 338/613
Male: 1916/3666
Overall: 2504/5695
Pace: 9:49
Time: 4:17:33