Saturday, September 25, 2010

Trail Running for the Urbanite: Discussion on Runners Round Table

On Wednesday evening I had a fun time participating on another Runners Round Table podcast with Amanda, Chris, Stuart and Mike. We discussed our collective love of urban trail runs, and I encourage you to download Episode 99 (you can either select the episode from iTunes, or click here to listen directly from your PC). Let me know what you think!

Urban trail runs are a fantastic way to better explore the area in which you are living or visiting. Prior to booking your hotel or stepping out the door we recommend doing some initial research via Google Maps. Look initially for nearby large green spaces (e.g. parks, wilderness areas, etc.), then use the web further to identify the presence and accessibility of trails. To serve as an initial starting point the panel put together a list of trail runs in cities that one or more members have had positive familiarity with, so check out our list, then give trail runs a try!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Running Form and Shoes: Discussion on Runners Round Table

I've previously written regarding my ongoing efforts to increase my running turnover/cadence, eliminate my prior over-striding heel-striking form, and my experimentation with minimalist shoes. Last night I had an opportunity to discuss these topics on the Runners Roundtable with Joe Garland, Pete Larson, Steve Magness and Jason Kehl.

Our discussion was wide ranging, and covered topics such as our personal experiences with changing running form, how to identify and correct over-striding, the importance of the hips, the relationship between footwear and form, barefoot and minimalist running, and who should and shouldn't consider form change. Please give it a listen!

From RRT you can view the show notes, listen on-line, download the .mp3 file or from iTunes directly. I learned a lot and would love to hear what you think!

On a related note, shown below is an excellent video explaining proper running technique, and discussing the importance of transitioning to minimalist shoes such as the Newtons:

Meanwhile, I'd like to encourage all enthusiastic runners to follow the Runners Round Table, and to sign-up for the RRT Google Group. Doing so will automatically copy you on discussions with other runners, and allow you to volunteer for and submit ideas regarding future RRT episodes - which you're welcome to join or lead. The RRT podcast is entirely free as the teleconferencing site is hosted by, and relies upon the creativity, energy and eagerness of participants to broaden running's base and to share our knowledge with others.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Got Pace?

Finally, the weather has begun to cool! This morning's pre-dawn Houston temperature was a comparatively moderate 72°F with a dew point of 70°F. While 90% relative humidity is clearly not optimal, I'm thankful for the improved conditions since as recently as two weeks ago we routinely started our long-runs with temperatures in the low-80's. I'm looking forward to doing more of my forthcoming weekday tempo, progressive and interval training runs outdoors, since over the past three scorching months I've only been able to run fast indoors on the treadmill.

With the Chicago Marathon now only five-weeks away I've been contemplating my goal finishing time. Things used to be simple, as in my initial marathon my sole focus was to finish. Upon completing my first glorious marathon this goal transitioned to setting a new personal record. Once I got within 20-minutes of achieving a Boston Marathon qualifying time that became my new target. Now that I've run Boston twice I'm back to targeting new personal records again - while beginning to dream of someday crossing the three hour threshold.