Saturday, September 25, 2010

Trail Running for the Urbanite: Discussion on Runners Round Table

On Wednesday evening I had a fun time participating on another Runners Round Table podcast with Amanda, Chris, Stuart and Mike. We discussed our collective love of urban trail runs, and I encourage you to download Episode 99 (you can either select the episode from iTunes, or click here to listen directly from your PC). Let me know what you think!

Urban trail runs are a fantastic way to better explore the area in which you are living or visiting. Prior to booking your hotel or stepping out the door we recommend doing some initial research via Google Maps. Look initially for nearby large green spaces (e.g. parks, wilderness areas, etc.), then use the web further to identify the presence and accessibility of trails. To serve as an initial starting point the panel put together a list of trail runs in cities that one or more members have had positive familiarity with, so check out our list, then give trail runs a try!

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  1. I'm not anti-trail running, but when you live in San Diego and get to run on bike lanes overlooking the Pacific Ocean, it just becomes a big magnet for me.