Sunday, March 19, 2006

Los Angeles Marathon Race Report

Had a great experience. While my time didn't reflect it, I really enjoyed the L.A. Marathon. The temperature was perfect initially (low 60's), then unfortunately quickly warmed-up. I wasn't well prepared for same, as I didn't have any electrolyte capsules with me. I was also ill-prepared for the hills, which surprised me since I wasn't aware just how hilly the L.A. Marathon was.... until I started climbing the hills. I was inspired by many fellow Christian runners, who had wonderful excerpts taken from the Bible and printed on their shirts. I stayed at my Aunt & Uncle's wonderful home, and felt very welcomed all around. Great experience!

Official Race Results: Time: 04:41:03; Age 45-49: 582/1503; Male: 4428/12378; Overall: 5743/20276