Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sunmart 50K Race Report

Very, very, very slow run, which I ran deliberately so! I ran cautiously since I'm unfamiliar with trail running, there were numerous hazards throughout the course, and finally since I treated the run as a training run - with the Houston Marathon scheduled for 1/18/09.

The final 9-miles, though, I felt strong, so picked-up the pace and I absolutely loved the feeling of passing many runners while feeling much more confident about the trail!

1 10-K loop, followed by two 12.5 loops. Ran first 10K well (probably too fast), and finished strong. Weakest part of run was the first 12.5 mile loop, as I walked essentially every up-hill, and slowly and deliberately ran every down-hill being vigilant for hazards.

Official Race Results: Time: 06:30:57; Age 50-54: 29/45; Male: 159/278; Overall: 220/481.