Saturday, December 11, 2004

Sunmart 50K Race Report

My first trail run was the Sunmart 50K in the Huntsville State Park. The weather was absolutely beautiful, and the course was fantastic! The scenery in the Park was consistently beautiful, and the varieties of foods and snacks prior to, during, and after the race were absolutely incredible.

The race expo/registration the night before the event featured as speaker the famous New Zealand coach Arthur Lydiard, of whom we learned days afterward that he had tragically died in Houston the day after the event.

I ran with Tim, Paul and Mary Beth for stretches of the run, and finished slower than all of them - but I truly didn't mind! That's the great thing about trail runs; one's time and pace is far less important than simply enjoying the experience.

Official Race Results: Time: 05:56:17; Age 45-49: 26/58; Male: 155/343; Overall: 217/620

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