Thursday, November 26, 2009

10K Uptown Park "Turkey Trot" - Great Experience & P.R.!!!

This morning I ran Houston's Uptown Park 10K "Turkey Trot", and again loved it!  The weather was perfect - temperature in the low 50's, sunny and clear.

I started-out well, with my initial mile, my slowest, at 6:50. From there, with the wind partially at my back the next two miles were my fastest - 6:37 and 6:49. Feeling strong, I turned-around, and held my pace constant the final three miles with a 6:51, 6:52 and a 6:51. Sprinting the final 0.2 miles I finished the race with a 42:34 time (6:49 average pace), which represented a 2-minute P.R., and placed me third in my 50-54 age group!

All in all, a great day!

  • Per Daniels' Running Formula this result shows my VDOT to be 48.3, predicting a potential Marathon time of 3:16!  Combining this incredible result with my recent Chicago Half Marathon result (which predicted  a full-marathon target of 3:19) I'm feeling more confident with the attainability of my 3:20 goal in the forthcoming Dallas and Houston Marathons.
  • Another P.R. in my Newton shoes!

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