Sunday, July 4, 2010

Run Wild 5K Race Report

Earlier this morning I ran the Run Wild 5K. The skies were clear, there was no breeze, and the temperature was between 77 to 81°F with a very high 74°F dewpoint (i.e. 90% humidity).

My expectations for the race results were relatively low, both owing to the high heat index, and as I'd not tapered at all! Instead, with a couple of marathon-focused running friends the prior day I had run 15 tough and hilly miles in Conroe, Texas, to build my endurance for the Chicago Marathon. As with my other races since the Boston Marathon, I was racing solely to gauge my fitness level and to improve my pacing.

Nevertheless, solely out of pure competitive instinct, as I lined up near the start line I looked around to identify any likely age-group competitors. Not seeing any through the race, after finishing with a 20:35 (6:40 average pace), I was surprised to see the age group results. Had I run only four seconds faster I would have improved my fourth place age group position to second place! Nevertheless, I was happy knowing that I'd held my pace relatively constant, that only 16 seconds separated me from a personal record, and with a more appropriate taper I would have done much better.

Overall, the Run Wild 5K event and its organization were excellent. The race supported a good cause, the Special Olympics of Texas.  Most importantly, recognizing the potentially dangerous hot and humid conditions the organizers routed the course through the adjoining shady subdivision, provided plenty of cool drinks, misting fans, and showers. I hope other warm weather race organizers follow this lead!

The Blues band performing afterward was terrific, and everyone had a great time. I highly recommended the Run Wild 5K!


  1. Nice job Mark. I have always wanted to run a 5K and for some reason just have not gotten around to it. There is a pretty famous one close to me called Carlsbad 5,000. You know what, I'm gonna do it next year!

  2. Thanks, Chris!

    Go for it! I'm glad you realize that marathon training and short distance races aren't incompatible. They're both a great gauge of your fitness, they allow you to focus on the common important elements of any race (especially the preparation and the pacing).

  3. Great job Mark, and that's a good time, taper or not. I'm running my first 5k in over a year in two days. Being semi-injured and undertrained, I'm not shooting for a great time. Just want to come out of it unscathed (using it as speedwork for Ragnar, later this month).
    Good luck with your Chicago prep!

  4. Colin - Good luck! With your semi-injury I agree that you shouldn't push your 5K, i.e. to risk setting back your Ragnar plans. I've heard a lot of good things about Ragnar. I hope you provide a good write-up afterward on your blog.