Friday, December 31, 2010

RunnerDude Chats with Chuck "Marathon Junkie" Engle

I've always been a huge fan of "RunnerDude's" blog found at, owing to it's consistent high quality focus on all matters pertaining to both runners and individuals simply looking to improve their overall fitness. It deserves every runner's bookmark.

Today's post, however, is especially exceptional, as it  features an incredible interview with Chuck "Marathon Junkie" Engle. As you'll see, his moniker goes well beyond being merely apt!

Have a very happy, safe and productive New Year!


  1. Hi Mark, Happy New Year to you too. And a safe and productive one.

  2. Hope all is well so far in '11. Good luck with your buildup and taper into the HH!

  3. Thanks for the kind remark, Mark! Chuck definitely is an amazing runner and man. Happy New Year to you too!