Friday, February 28, 2014

Further Planning for the 2014 Texas Independence Relay!

For my sixth consecutive year I'll soon be running the Texas Independence Relay with a great team called the DOGS.  Despite the predictable last minute scheduling challenges, I'm excited!

To see our latest plan, see the individual GoogleMaps' leg-by-leg views shown below or this GoogleEarth KML file for the 2014 DOGS.  Finally, the following very helpful one was recently posted by the TIR organizer.

Sleep Shift 1 Vehicle Rick MarkU David Ruth Don Janet
Leg 1 01-Rick 08-MarkU 09-David 10-Ruth 11-Don 12-Janet
Leg 2 27-Rick 26-MarkU 25-David 29-Ruth 28-Don 30-Janet
Leg 3 33-Rick 32-MarkU 31-David 35-Ruth 34-Don 36-Janet
Leg 4 38-MarkU 37-David
Relay Miles (Legs) 14.2 (3) 19.5 (4) 19.8 (4) 14.3 (3) 15.6 (3) 13.0 (3)
Sleep Shift 2 Vehicle Paul MB Kim Tim Kath MarkO
Leg 1 02-Paul 03-MB 04-Kim 05-Tim 06-Kath 07-MarkO
Leg 2 13-Paul 14-MB 15-Kim 16-Tim 18-Kath 17-MarkO
Leg 3 19-Paul 20-MB 21-Kim 22-Tim 23-Kath 24-MarkO
Leg 4 40-Paul 39-Kim
Relay Miles (Legs) 20.9 (4) 16.4 (3) 17.9 (4) 18.0 (3) 14.1 (3) 14.5 (3)

Versus the plan posted a month ago we had the additional challenge of replacing yet another DOG who had to withdraw due to an illness or injury.  As with our prior unexpected personnel withdrawals we were again fortunate to quickly identify a willing and capable experienced runner to fill the void.  Last night upon realizing that to avoid the second sleep shift needing to be awoken 90-minutes short of their well deserved sleep allocation (to avoid being charged an extra night's stay by violating the hotel's Noon check-out) I again reshuffled the DOGS' running order.

I'm quite satisfied with the results, which can also be visualized - with great emphasis on the hilliness of the 30-miles east of Gonzales - via the following customized elevation map:

TIR runners can have the entire course on your smart-phone, with your own location shown (as the blue dot) so that you could always see where you are relative to the course.  This is very helpful both for potentially lost runners, and for the passengers in the support vehicles to follow their runners along:

1) Click on the below link (while reading this on your phone).

2) A message may come up about GPS tracking or using your current location... you'll need to accept / ok it.

3) You should see the TIR route come up on your phone (on your phones web browser and NOT Google Maps app), but maybe not a blue dot that shows where you are.

4) Touch the little icon near the top that looks like a diamond sign with a turn (to the right) arrow on it.

5) then a screen with "Directions" at the top should show up. Click on the icon with the person hiking (this is just to the left of the bicycle icon, and beneath "Add Destination - Show options")

6) Then touch the little icon with the map with the pointer on it (to the immediate right of the word "Directions" at the very top)

7) Now, you should be able to see a blue dot at your current location (representing you!). We now see you, too! Just kidding.

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