Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Newton Kismet Review

Over the past three weeks I've run extensively in Newton's latest Kismet stability running shoe. This includes over thirteen mile training runs on Houston's hard concrete roads, and five six mile runs on the hard steel surface of a cruise ship. As a long-time fan of Newton shoes I really like these too!

One oft-heard comment with first time Newton runners is the favorable impact on their running speed, attributed to the Action-Reaction technology lugs incorporated into the sole, roughly under the metatarsals. In prior Newton shoes the presence of these lugs were typically immediately apparent while walking, as the walker notices to a greater extent the lugs' height.  However, Newton's Kismet shoes incorporate tapered lugs, so the shoe is more comfortable while walking and is therefore more versatile and comfortable.

My intuition about the effect of Newton's tapered versus standard lugs is that a bit less energy recovery results, and this may result in a slightly slower running speed.  This impression is reinforced from Newton's own marketing material which uniquely includes the word "fast" in reference to the POP 1 design of the Motion and Gravity, and not the POP 2 design of the new Kismet or Fate.  However, any running speed reduction of the Kismet versus the Motion, if present, is insignificant.

As a major advantage for first time Newton buyers the low $129 MSRP of the Kismet will hopefully encourage more runners to give them a try.

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  1. Subsequent to posting I received an email from a friend and fellow Newton aficionado asking the shoes handling characteristics. The following was my response:
    Thanks for your question as last week I ran 30 miles on a cruise ship with of necessity lots of left turns since we ran counterclockwise on a 1/8 mile track. Additionally, as there were frequently much slower runners and walkers also on the track I had to avert them, sometimes at the last minute, necessitating my testing the handling of the shoes. In doing so, I had absolutely no problems, and didn't even think of making a note to that effect on the blog review, so thanks for your question.