Sunday, June 8, 2008

Batavia Sprint Triathlon Race Report!

I ran my FIRST triathlon on 6/8/2008, and TREMENDOUSLY enjoyed it! It was a sprint type (i.e. 400 meters swim, 14.7 miles biked, and 4.1 miles run), and I made the incredibly foolish decision to neither prepare for the bike portion (other than a couple of laps through my neighborhood) or the swim! While these mistakes were somewhat understandable (I was on the swim team in High School, and always was strong on my bike) I bonked severely even swimming the simple 400 meters distance, and labored tremendously with my (new) bike. Despite my competitive disappointments I tremendously enjoyed the variety of the swim/bike/run formats, and vowed afterwords that I'll eventually do many more triathlons - i.e. once I achieve my Boston Marathon dream goals!

Official Race Results: Time: 01:44:18; Age 50-54: 17/24 ; Male: 266/350 ; Overall: 349/520

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