Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kenyan Way Rocks!

At the advice of a friend this week I joined an excellent Houston-based marathon training program, called The Kenyan Way. I am very thankful for this advice, as the program offers some distinct advantages versus other Houston-area programs.

The Program:
Based on the season Kenyan Way offers programs year-long. In preparation for my Chicago marathon I signed-up for the Fall program. Participating in my first long-run this morning, I was delighted to discover that water and sports drinks are provided every two-miles along the course. Additionally, I was very glad to see Coach Wade lead-off the groups unambiguously, such that every experienced runner is led to join a group appropriate for their pace. Thus, as my marathon P.R. is 3:32, and my goal Chicago Marathon is 3:30 I joined the 3:30 - 3:40 group, which the Coach instructed us on departure to run approximately 30-seconds slower than our Marathon Pace - and as a consequence we ran at a good 8:30 pace.

The obvious advantages of running with a pacing group matched well to the individual's desired pace is to encourage conversation, while causing the time to seemingly fly by. Talking through the run additionally builds camaraderie while - through the physical act of conversation - demonstrating that each runner is not running anaerobically.

Other Benefits:
When you join one of the Kenyan Way programs you will receive more than just a training schedule. You will also receive access to a vast array of information that will help you train smart and remain injury free. Remember, steady consistent training is the key to success.
Sean Wade, a native of New Zealand and graduate of Rice University has competed for more than 20 years as a professional runner both internationally and nationally. He is currently the fastest master's runner in the world being undefeated in 2008. Sean was named 2006 Male Masters Runner of the Year by The Road Runners Club Of America (RRCA), as well as being selected as the 2006 Masters 40-44 Runner of the Year by The Running Times Magazine. Sean Wade has a personal best marathon time of 2:10:49 and was the winner of the 2003 Houston Marathon.

In addition to being an accomplished runner, Sean Wade is an outstanding running coach with more than 10 years of coaching experience. Members of Kenyan Way programs not only benefit from running Sean Wade’s carefully designed workouts but also have access to his running expertise. Members are always encouraged to ask Coach Wade questions about their training. Sean Wade ensures that members of the Kenyan Way get the most out of their training and meet their personal goals.

Camraderie & Customized Training Schedule
Running as part of a group, particularly with others running at similar paces, allows you to push yourself harder while still having a good time. The Kenyan Way has groups of runners at all paces so that everyone is encouraged to reach their full potential. The Kenyan Way has runners of all ages training for many different races.

Enrollment in any Kenyan Way training program includes online access to a complimentary personal training schedule. You are assigned a training schedule based on what program you are enrolled in and which race you are training for (if any). When you log in you will be asked to fill in information about how you would like to schedule your week and your current fitness level. The schedule is then tailored to your personal training needs using advanced computer algorithms designed by Coach Sean Wade. The Kenyan Way’s advanced schedule customization techniques ensure that you do not over or under train as is often the case with more generalized training programs. The schedules are designed to provide runners with workouts that push them to unleash their full potential.

Instructional Videos
Members have access to instructional videos covering a variety of running topics which include hydration, nutrition, strength training, core training and stretching. Are you stretching and warming up safely and effectively? Members can watch Coach Sean Wade’s instructional video on the topic. Or members might want to watch his multi-part video series on building your core strength with essential core exercises.

Wade Running Technique
Is your running technique flawed? Do you tend to get injured as you ramp up your training? The Wade Running Technique describes and promotes an ideal style of running that helps reduce injuries and improves economy and efficiency. Just think – faster running with less injuries! Give it a try!

Online Training Log
Keeping a running log is a great way to keep track of your training and further motivate you to stick to your training schedule. Members of Kenyan Way programs each receive a complimentary online training log. The training log is easy to use, cuts down on paper clutter, and allows you to quickly navigate through your past training.

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