Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Speed Work Lessons (Re-)Learned

Early this morning on a business trip to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada I ran my first speed-work session following Sean Wade's customized Kenyan Way Marathon Training program. I ran in the beautiful Louise McKinney Riverfront Park, alongside the North Saskatchewan River - a great running trail which can be easily reached from Downtown Edmonton.

Though my target 1-mile pace was 6:45 (based on my recent 4-mile pace of 6:53) my legs proved only capable of 7:09-7:35. I do not take this as a disappointment since I'd pushed myself during training a bit harder than appropriate the day prior.

Documenting a few speed-work lessons (re-)learned:
  • Trust your coach! By doing unscheduled legs-focused weight-work the day prior I'd left myself slow for the day's speed-work;
  • Re-hydrate after each segment via making use of a water fountain (or via leaving a water bottle) along the trail;
  • Do not listen to your iPod doing speed work, as this takes the mind away from the mechanics and can affect the stride;
  • Minimize elevation change during a speed-work so-as to provide better consistency between sessions, and to minimize stress on the Achilles during uphill segments (for this reason I ran on the flat segment alongside the river);
  • DO NOT run the first speed-work segment at a pace that you cannot match on your final segment! I committed this common mistake, and realized to my chagrin afterwards that I'd initially pushed myself too hard.

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  1. Mark-found your blog via runcast tv. I like your lessons learned on speedwork. I have a trackwork tomorrow and I'll keep them in mind. (I would have brought my ipod)