Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All's well, thanks!

A great thing about the interwebs is that friends notice when you suddenly break your prior pattern of blog posts then follow-up to make sure that all's well. That's really most appreciated, as doing so for someone that you have never met is the mark of real friendship and respect. So, I decided to quickly post to provide reassurance that all's well on my side of the monitor - thanks.

Explaining my virtual absence I just returned from a two week trip, where I unfortunately didn't have the time to make a post. I was impressed on the trip to observe a huge increase in the number of runners in both London and Paris versus prior trips a few years ago.  This provides very tangible evidence of the marked increase in popularity of the sport - particularly in the U.K.. While I expected same, seeing it first-hand was truly striking and very encouraging. While all evidence points to this trend continuing, it's nevertheless critical for we who enjoy the benefits of our active lifestyles to continue to encourage friends and family.

"When I finish a run, every part of me is smiling." - Jeff Galloway

Post-submit addition... In response to a suggestion by fellow blogger Chris Korn (of "BQ or Die" fame) that I add some photos I decided to do him one better. See below, as you'll first see a picture of London's Tower Bridge which I'm quite proud of since I took it while bouncing on the top of a double deck tour bus, then of two very different sets of London street performers (taken, and edited on my beloved new iPad 2):


  1. Welcome back Mark. I wasn't able to use that drop box thing you sent. Post some great pics from your trip on your blog.

  2. Ditto. Glad to catch up with you via email. Sounds like you had a fun trip. Glad to know the Europeans are moving those legs, too.

  3. I was initially impressed with the amount of runners (and cyclists) along the highway in Maui, but then remembered that there may be no better place to train for a triathlon!

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