Tuesday, March 22, 2011


In the great 1984 film Terminator Arnold famously said "I'll be back", and proceeded to make very good on that promise. In 1942 General Douglas MacArthur, ordered by President Roosevelt to leave the Philippines to avoid capture by the Japanese, famously issued a similar line, "I shall return."  He too made good on that commitment.
Similarly, after my prior 10k and subsequent highly disconcerting back-spasms I committed to give myself time to fully recover.  Having done so over the past nine days, and being confident that it was finally time to return I was a bit trepidatious while stepping out of the car to begin my three mile run around Memorial Park.  Running very slowly initially initially my goal was not to look at my pace, but solely to feel the joy of movement over scenic ground.  Doing so was a relief, allowing me to watch the ongoing construction of a much-needed new running trail, while being vigilant for the first sign of any back pain or discomfort.  Fortunately, there was absolutely no signs of trouble, and as a result I cautiously ramped-up my speed somewhat, happily enjoying the wind and the sunshine during the run.
Lesson learned.  If not 100% don't run.  And especially don't race!


  1. Very valuable lesson! We all learn this the hard way. I had a terrible race this past weekend but only started feeling a cold/fly during the actual run. Not good at all.

  2. Ive been there too . I know the feeling. I hope i dont ge that feeling while I am climbing the cargo at Rebel Race in june. lol

  3. Mark, the post is kinda hosed up. No love from you on my Blog :-(