Monday, March 7, 2011

Texas Independence Relay Race Report

This weekend I had the pleasure of running the Texas Independence Relay, where as part of a 12-person team we had an absolutely fantastic experience collectively running non-stop for 203 miles under 27 hours from the relay start in Gonzales, Texas to the San Jacinto Monument. Click here to view the photos, or see below for the video.

We were overjoyed and inspired to have our fellow team member and recent cancer survivor friend Rick join us.  He demonstrated incredible determination, courage and strength to overcome his daunting health challenges and to demonstrably bounce back by running amazingly strongly each of his legs. Collectively, our team shattered our prior record by knocking an hour off our prior best cumulative time (the team had run the TIR on three prior occasions)!

A special shout-out of appreciation to Colin Hayes whose musical talents in creating his running-oriented song collections were much appreciated by the entire team. In preparing for the race I burned to audio CD both of his excellent running parody song collections, which were a huge hit during the frequent waiting around for the next runner that's an essential part of the road relay experience. Learn more about Colin and his entirely self-created collections via his entertaining blog at:


  1. Sounds awesome. I'd love to do a relay one day. I can't see the imaages, but internet is spotty in Dubai.

  2. Most excellent! I was thinking of you when I tackled the Memorial Park Mountain Bike Trails this weekend!

  3. I've done a couple of relays and have to say that they are so much fun! It's a great way to see the team aspect of running that is hard to find anywhere else. And just the costumes that I've seen at some are worth the no sleep thing!