Friday, March 11, 2011

Fun with my new iPad 2

It took a couple hours of waiting, but it was worth it for a sleek new black iPad 2! My next step is to download Apple's iMovie App, following which I'll edit the videos that I captured during last weekend's Texas Independence Relay, add some snapshots and overlay a sound track. 

A humorous "banned" iPad video worth sharing:


  1. I'm waiting for the new Palm/HP TouchPad. Way better OS.

  2. As an HP employee, I'd expect that to be your response. :D

    The far more plentiful iPad Apps are what's going to continue driving the lion-share of pad sales their way. That and a better price point (resulting from their economy of scale cost savings associated with Apple's far larger sales volumes and aggressiveness in locking-up key components), thinner design and faster processor make for some compelling arguments. That's not to say that HP (along with Samsung and Motorola) won't share in a portion of the Android slice of the pie - they all will - especially if they support 4g sooner with better cameras. But, as is the case in the savanna, the lions eat first, and as such the primary energy of pad developers will continue being towards the iPads vs. the Android pads.