Saturday, July 2, 2011

Use your Alarm Clock to Beat the Heat

To prevent another self-interrupted long-run swelter fest I decided to start my run an hour earlier than Kenyan Way's normal 6:00 AM group start. I'm glad I did!

To comply with Sean Wade's bot-generated Chicago Marathon training plan I wanted to get a full 15 miles in today. With pre-dawn Houston temperatures forecast - again - to be hot and humid (77°F with a 73°F DP), and with the rising sun quickly worsening those conditions, I arranged with my wonderfully steady paced training partner to meet an hour early. Besides the earlier start we agreed to back down a bit on our pace for the first half of the run, to ~8:15 or so. The combination clearly helped, demonstrated by our achieving our target negative split and feeling strong throughout.  When faced with hot and humid conditions use your alarm clock and a somewhat slowed target pace to help you achieve your training objectives nevertheless.

Side Bar. Read this fascinating Globe and Mail article on running in the heat.  Also, if you don't already follow these excellent blogger runners, here are two especially interesting recent ones: Pete with Runblogger and Jaymee with Run Away Fast.

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  1. Really? You are going to do Chicago again? You are a glutton for punishment old man.

    I will be doing some early morning runs too during my training cycle. Hate it, but gottsta.