Monday, July 18, 2011

Chicago Marathon training update

So, with a bit less than 12 weeks until the Chicago Marathon I've received a few questions from my running-oriented friends concerning how my training is going, and what will be my race goal. To the first question I'm happy that my training has gone fairly well, thanks to the Kenyan Way Saturday morning long run and my perfectly steady-paced training partner Alison. While I've also managed to get in good weekday training runs (thanks to the well situated 24 Hour Fitness Center that's close to the scenic and well shaded Rice University outer loop) my refusal to do speed or tempo work on the cooler indoor treadmills will compromise any realistic shot for an ambitious Chicago goal. So, presuming ideal Windy City weather (i.e with finishing temperatures no higher than 70F) my goal time will be an easy 3:29, running at a steady 8:00 pace with the Nike pacing group.  

Looking deeper into my proverbial crystal ball in the subsequent three months between Chicago and Houston, if all goes well my Houston ambitious goal will be to P.R. with a 3:19. We'll see!  

Olympian Paula Radcliffe: “I can't imagine living and not running.”


  1. That's still a damn solid time for a man of your advanced years.

  2. Speaking of age, as you know I participate in the Texas Independence Relay every spring, along with a dozen long-time running friends. Approaching one of the relays a 40-something young punk competitor ;-) was close to passing my fellow 53-year old teammate when he foolishly said something to the effect of "c'mon old guy, get outa the way...". Taunted my buddy kicked into a new gear, popping below 6:30 mile pace, and left the guy in his dust. Moral to the story... when passing someone of advanced age or weight keep your opinion to yourself! Anyway, I've got no problem with your friendly taunt; it'll be fun to eventually meet in Hopkinton!