Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Running Injuries, their Prevention & Treatments

One of the benefits of using DailyMile is finding good links to excellent running-related information (thanks, Run Janet!) I am not a physician, and relate the following only as it has been helpful to myself and I believe the information to be sound. The following video is a bit long at an hour in length, but is well worth the time as Stanford University's School of Medicine's Michael Fredericson, M.D. provides a tremendous amount of good advice regarding the prevention and treatment of running injuries.

I recently developed a minor hamstring sprain, and in researching self-treatment options I found two good sources of information, which has allowed me to recover quickly:
I have suffered Achilles Tendonitis/Tendinopathy in the past, and after trying a number of mildly helpful - but non-curative - stretches found progressively weighted eccentric stretches of the injured leg to cure me of the condition.
Fortunately I have never suffered plantar fasciitis, but having several friends who have I have copied three excellent write-ups on-topic:
I have suffered IT Band excess tightness, and found this video from StrengthRunning.com to helpful:

Also from StrengthRunning.com is a very good warm-up set of exercises:

Finally, a few related worthwhile sites or links:


  1. I don't get injured...but thanks anyway!

  2. Good timing, I will listen to it before next week's show.

  3. Yes, thanks Mark. I'll take a look if I ever get injured again. Touch wood at the moment. Watching the World Champs at the moment, so that takes precedent ;)

  4. Mark, I will give you an A+ on thoroughness. I am not aware of any info you are missing, but then again, I'm not really an info geek like you. That is not a criticism, just like to tease you. Anyway, I think it would be hard to capture any and all running injuries in one post.

  5. The video is on my to do list. Thanks for providing it. I have also bookmarked this post for reference