Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Christopher McDougall on Running Form

As a huge fan of Christopher McDougall's great book "Born to Run" I was intrigued to see his latest New York Times article on running form, running injuries, shoes, and why running magazines give "A's" to all shoes. See his excellent article at, then check-out this video where McDougall demonstrates a simple exercise that helps make all of us better runners:

Shedding more light on McDougall's interesting perspectives here's another video, this one from a TED conference:

Incidentally, I had fun hosting Runners Round Table episode 119 tonight, where a great group of experienced marathoners shared their Fall 2011 race experiences, thoughts, and lessons learned. You can download it from iTunes. We encourage much wider participation; if interested join the RRT Google!Group, then share your ideas with other runners!


  1. "The “one best way” isn’t about footwear. It’s about form. Learn to run gently, and you can wear anything. Fail to do so, and no shoe — or lack of shoe — will make a difference."

    This is the most important part of the article. This is what people need to understand.

  2. For readers, barefoot or not, who want to know more about how better form can help improve their running, this video series will help you.

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  3. Pete Larson also wrote about that NY Times article - - which sums up my thoughts on the matter. We've been using that 100-up drill (as well as numerous others), and there's nothing magical about it leading to the 'one best way to run', or indeed producing PR times.