Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Newton's Latest MV2 Shoes have Arrived!

Briefly lamenting yesterday's passage of my well worn (750+ miles) and multiple P.R. Newton stability trainers I was ecstatic to receive from UPS today my recently ordered new pair of their latest product, the Newton MV2!

I'm truly excited to run in Newton's new MV2 as they are engineered to be the lightest and most efficient Natural Running shoe using their second-generation Action/Reaction Technology. These shoes have a flat profile (i.e. zero heel-to-toe drop) that encourages a quick high cadence gait. This, combined with their low weight translates to increased speed.

Unlike my prior shoes these are truly neutral, which I am comfortable with since I've gradually transitioned through wearing other low-profile neutral shoes during the past two years. A gradual transition to any minimalist shoe is essential to allow the feet and calves to strengthen, and to perfect the high cadence gait with slight forward lean from the ankles to minimize the likelihood of regressing to an injurious over-striding heel striking running form.

Embedded below are four YouTube videos in which Newton's co-founder and CTO Danny Abshire: Discusses new shoe's new technology; Talks about their initial fit (buy a half-size larger); Discusses adaptation to these shoes; and Demonstrates some helpful form drills (along which I recommend his natural running book):

Once I've had some time to transition I'll put plenty of miles on these shoes. At that point I'll follow-up with my detailed review. Meanwhile, feel free to try-out these shoes at your specialty running store, and let me know what you think!


  1. I'd like to hear your comparison on the toe box. Pete Larson (I think) mentioned the toe box was narrower than on the Distance.

  2. Ah, just read the above comment. Don't think they'd suit me at all as I have a wide foot like Pete. A shame, as they look like they could be good.

  3. I'm so intrigued by the Newton shoe, but haven't had the courage to take the leap yet. Thanks for the information!