Saturday, January 14, 2012

Olympic Marathon Trials

With a group of long-time running friends we lined-up this morning to cheer for the Houston 2012 Olympic Trials.  All of these incredible athletes inspired with their graceful and powerful running abilities and determination. My friends Dave Johnson and Chris Vandersteeg and I took the following photos of the excitement:

Finally, if you're looking for the final results, you can see them here: men and women.   Congratulations again to all of the men and women who qualified for, and who ran in today's race!


  1. Excellent pictures! It's amazing that what I saw on the course on each loop told a story, but not the whole story. It was awesome watching the races on TV after watching them in person and seeing all the different things that happened - especially the lead changes.

  2. Would have been exciting to watch, especially seeing the races develop on the 3-lap course. Looks like great crowd support too. I was following the Twitter feed which was pretty exciting. Shame there wasn't web streaming or live TV coverage.

  3. Mark,

    I "borrowed" one of the photos. I trust you found it an interesting experience. I was on the course in 2007 (although I had the benefit of access to the VIP tent and its video as well as the videos on big screens near the finish line). It is amazing how fast these guys are.