Saturday, September 8, 2012

Newton's Gravity Neutral Performance Training Review

Excitedly, I opened the box from Newton Running containing the latest Neutral Performance Trainers, and gave a good gander to my new green Gravities.  Great!

Having enjoyed the vast majority of my P.R.'s wearing Newtons I am very confident in them, so did something I never advise a running friend to do.  I broke them in on an inaugural fourteen mile run.

As expected, they felt comfortable and natural, and I ran strong and fast.  Newton's design includes an effective cushioning system, unique mid-sole energy efficient Action/Reaction technology, light weight and low heel-to-toe drop.  These encourage the runner to adopt a more rapid stride, to land with their mid-foot with their slightly bent leg underneath them, and to utilize the bodies' natural shock absorbing and elastic recoil returning triumvirate of the plantar fascia, calf, and Achilles tendon.

I admit this sounds a bit too tech.  Evaluating a pair of running shoes, particularly of a new design, is inherently a very personal experience requiring a far lengthier evaluation time than is allowed by most specialty shoe retailers, who typically restrict the runner to test their shoes on an excessively cushioned indoor running surface.  So, I encourage runners to try on a pair of Newtons via their 60 Days of Better promotion, where between September 1 and October 31 North American customers are able to return the shoes with no questions asked up to a full sixty days after purchase.  This lengthy trial period allows the runner more than sufficient time to fully evaluate their new Newtons, and to ideally adopt the form techniques referenced below:


  1. Nice short review Mark. I've done some miles in the Newtons, and while I do not buy their lug tech, they are great shoes none the less :) Like you, I actually ran in the Adrenaline prior to "finding" midfoot running! Have you tried any more minimalist shoes?

  2. They look a little thin in the toe box (for me). I struck out with the pair I recently purchased (Asics) and am taking them back. I am going to try another pair of Newton's (Sir Isaac's maybe) and give them another shot.

  3. What's the width like Mark? I'd like to try some Newtons but like Jamoosh said, they look narrow. I have a wide foot.

  4. Ewen/Jamoosh - I need a wide toe-box too, and the latest Gravities are fine in that regard. I ran 14.5 in them this morning with no problem, and they felt great.

  5. On further review, after purchasing a pair of the Gravity and being fitted properly, the toe box is great!