Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thoughts after a great Memorial Park ten miler

After enjoying a great ten mile run this morning at Houston's beautiful Memorial Park I posted afterward on Daily Mile my thoughts regarding the easy ways to achieve Kenyan Way Coach Sean Wade's effective and winning philosophy of negative splitting each and every training run and race.  In summary:
  1. Keep your breathing in control in the initial half of every training run or race.
  2. Use your Garmin Forerunner's settings to your advantage (i.e. auto-lap every mile and have only three items displayed on the watch: average pace for the current mile in largest font, average pace, and total distance.)
  3. Do not use the default instantaneous pace since it varies too much and will lead you to run with an inefficient erratic pace owing to spending an exorbitant amount of physical and mental effort repeatedly looking at and puzzling over your watch.
  4. At the half-way point glance at your Garmin's average pace. That pace, minus one or two seconds per mile, becomes your slowest target pace for the remaining miles.
  5. Do not to worry about the final mile's pace, as it will take care of itself.  Instead, focus on the hardest mile - the penultimate one.

1 comment:

  1. Auto splits for kms works even better ;) I'm learning how to run by feel (again), thus relegating Garmin info to post-race stats.