Sunday, March 29, 2009

It’s Time to Make a Coffee Run!; Plans for the Boston Marathon

Check out the great article in the NY Times on the benefits of caffeine in running performance of all types. I'm agreed! From now on, one hour before all my future marathons I'm going to have a Starbucks Venti drip!

I had a great confidence-building 18-mile training run this Saturday! I deliberately ran it on the treadmill (at 8:30 pace with 1% grade to replicate effort in running with wind resistance), as Chicago's weather was horrible, and as I find the springy surface helps me run easily (though thank God for the iPod and rich content!)

While my right Achilles was predictably tight during and afterwords, it never hurt, so I'm encouraged that I'll run Boston - a mere three weeks away! While it definitely won't be a personal record, I'm happy considering that I've recently come off Achilles tendonosis - and as a result haven't had the full benefit of proper training. April 20th will be my first, but not my last Boston Marathon, so my goal is to fully and totally enjoy the experience - which I know I will!

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  1. Yeah, Dr Monte did a podcast about green tea, but I've seen an article in New Scientist about caffeine blocking pain and increasing endurance.