Friday, March 20, 2009

Patience is Rewarded!

After weeks of struggling with right Achilles tendinosis, countless hours on the elliptical trainer (the exercise closest to running that doesn't hurt!), and gallons of ice, I successfully ran 5-miles this morning with no pain!

As I'm not completely healed the challenge will now be to prevent recurrence of this overuse injury by not overdoing things! I'll instead ease into longer distances by continuing use of the elliptical trainer plus introducing more and more running miles.

Boston Marathon, here I come!!

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  1. Mark,

    Glad you got through it! Best of luck for Boston. Rick445 from Buckeye...

    I've been putting off getting a new pair of shoes until a month before my marathon in May. I know should have replaced them last month and I will do so this week. But lately I've been getting the twinges of tendonitis in my Achillies. I've been doing wall stretches but I don't think it has done much to help.

    What do you recommend to prevent Achillies Tendinitis? I got a month to go before Pittsburgh Marathon.