Sunday, September 20, 2009

Alpine Races Half-Marathon

After Saturday's 20-mile training run at beautiful Moraine Hills State Park the following day I ran the Alpine Races Half-Marathon.

The weather was very good. Moderate humidity and temperatures in the 60's throughout. Despite the massive mileage run over the prior week I felt good through the run.

Having the benefit of my recent benchmark P.R. from the prior week's Chicago Half-Marathon I knew my ideal pace. Adjusting for my partial fatigue I dialed-in my goal 7:20 pace into my Garmin Forerunner 405, and tried to hang-on. By the fifth mile I knew that pace was a lost cause, however, so backed-down a bit.

I was able to complete the half in 1:38:35, a 7:31 average pace, which put me in 2nd place in my age-group! All-in-all, I was very satisfied with the race and the weekend - particularly as both runs provided me confidence going-in to the quickly approaching Chicago Marathon.


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