Sunday, February 17, 2013

Austin Half-Marathon Race Report

Austin's famous Congress Ave. bridge during the 2013 Marathon
I have on several past occasions enjoyed running Austin's Full or Half Marathon.  Today was absolutely no exception!

The weather conditions were absolutely perfect, starting in the low 40's, low humidity, clear skies, and essentially no wind.  In waiting for the race to begin I was glad to have a sweat coat to keep me warm, as it saved me from the shivers and blue lips of many other 3:20 pace group runners dressed in their running attire.

It continues to amaze me the amount of body heat that we generate by running!  At the start of the race I jettisoned my sweat jacket, and despite only wearing my thin singlet was feeling excessively warm, so I stowed it and ran bare-chested.  This wasn't the first time upon doing so in "cold" race weather that I attracted startled glances from the coat and gloves laden spectators, but I didn't care!

Just past the finish line, after running 1:39:36
I ran strongly in my relatively new 2013 Newton Stability Motion Trainers, and they and I felt great.  I especially enjoyed the long downhills concentrating on keeping my hips projected forward, maintaining a slight forward lean from the ankles, and allowing my leg turnover - and therefore my speed - to significantly pick-up.  It was not surprising to pass many runners while doing so who were maintaining essentially the same leg turnover regardless. This common mistake is discussed in a dated but worthwhile Running Times article that additionally discusses the easy ways to adjust one's pacing strategy with hills.

Though I did not achieve by four minutes my Half-Marathon P.R. of 1:35, it was set in the ultra flat Chicago course during which my running regimen was of higher volume and more consistent.  Nevertheless, overall I completely satisfied as I had a another great race experience, so I highly recommend either the Austin full or half marathon.


  1. Thanks for sharing your post it is really interesting. I also wants to run in this kind of event but this Austin Marathon is too far from me but I am willing to join running here in Philippines. Running is also one of the best idea to have a good health and it is also one way to help people. Keep it up.

  2. Great to hear you had a nice visit to Austin. I remember that marathon morning did have very glorious, cool, dry weather. Perfect for a race! I took my dog for a trail run but enjoyed it all the same. Congrats on a great time, too!