Sunday, February 17, 2013

Newton's Motion Stability Trainer 2013 Review

Newton's new 2013 Motion Stability Performance Trainer arrived a week ago, and with my loyal University of Illinois alumni blood was happy to see their orange color, especially as the prior version of this great shoe was blue.  Though my past shoe reviews typically only briefly reference color, in this case it deserves prominence as the 2013 version of Newton's Motion Stability Performance Trainer is minimally changed from last year's model.  Besides color, essentially only a softer upper differentiates this year's model - a key feature for sock-less runners (a group which I have not yet joined!)

With my characteristic confidence in Newton's build shoe quality and fit I have consistently run consecutively since receiving them, including in this morning's Austin Half Marathon - with great results.

In these and other Newton shoes their Action-Reaction technology provides the runner improved speed via better elastic recoil otherwise provided only by the calf and plantar fascia.  Particularly late in a half or full marathon when our stride mechanics worsen the benefits of these shoes becomes evident.  Bottom line, if you haven't tried a Newton shoe you should give them a spin - ideally from a specialty shoe retailer that allows you a real world (versus treadmill only) running experience.

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